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Issues with offline caching on Mac OS X and SharePlus

Good day,

I am currently evaluating SharePlus Pro for one of our clients to use SharePoint document libraries on Mac OS X.

While the app does a much better job than Microsoft Document Connection and provides many useful features, I do experience issues with the app when it comes to offline caching.

Problem descriptions and expected behavior

1) The program doesn't handle offline mode with fully cached document libraries properly. When disconnecting from the internet, on opening an empty folder the app reports a connection error and crashes on the second attempt to open any empty folder. The issue only occurs when trying to open a folder that contains no documents in whatever depth.

This should not happen in a fully cached list or library (as indicated by a green icon). I expect the app to handle the loss of connection and fall back into offline mode in this case (hence, display an empty directory).

2) Synchronization is unstable. The program reports libraries to be fully synced and chached, but previously visible changes made on the library by another source are reverted in the apps view. A refresh at the changes position reflects the changes in the app but are lost when hitting refresh at another location or at the root. The changes get downloaded eventually after the idle period has passed.

Detected and downloaded changes should be cached directly without needing the idle time to pass. 

System Info

Mac OS X 10.8.5

SharePlus Pro 2.5.06

Wired connection (offline mode emulated by unplugging)


I'm looking forward to your response.