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Upgrade from Pro to Enterprise?

One of my clients was using the Pro version to access a sharepoint calendar. He upgraded his iPhone & apps weren't transferred over by cell phone provider. 

He went to DL Shareplus to his new phone, not realizing it moved to a subscription-based app. After calling tech support,  I found that since he had the Pro version before, his Enterprise version should work without having to subscribe. Going to his iTunes account, showed the Shareplus Pro, with an upgrade (or update) banner across the corner, so I updated it, deleted the app from his phone, re-installed the app through iTunes, added the site & am still getting the 'Want to see the rest' message with an optiuon to subscribe.  If I go to the 'Restore Purchases' option, it shows that there's nothing to restore???

What am i missing or doing wrong here?


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