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Can't Access OneDrive for Business from SharePlus

I am posting to make this a known issue.  All of my SharePoint sites, so far, have worked fine.  But my OneDrive for business sites will not pull up.  I have over 12 employees using this app, and none of them can access the OneDrive for Business.

I have been emailing with Technical Support for 2 WEEKS and they have done little more than respond asking me for logs.  I have provided these logs on multiple occasions, as well as all the login information that they need.

I am posting here hoping to get someone else's attention and get a resolution to my issue.

I am on the most up-to-date version.  My Ticket # is 28318.  The latest error logs are attached to this post.

If I can ask for a bit of Tech Support's pity...I have 12 salesman asking me how to use OneDrive, and I cant tell them how to upload to it without this app working properly.  I have the president of my company wondering why I suggested switching to OneDrive, over Dropbox, if the salesman can't do their jobs.  I'm in a real tight spot here, and need help.

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    Thank you for posting at IG forums.

    Let's troubleshoot the issue off the forums via the ticket #28382 and post the outcome here for the community.

    Are you OK with this?