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[SharePlus iOS] [4.2.x] How to enable app Logs.

When troubleshooting a SharePlus issue, your Support Team needs technical information in order to help you. SharePlus Log Recorder can be used to keep track of all the app requests and sever responses. Then, that information can be used to find a solution to the app issues.

Enabling app Logs

While enabled, the Log Recorder will be displayed in SharePlus and you can use it to record your activity within the app.

1. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings and turn ON Log Recorder.

2. Save the new settings.

Enabling Logs

Note: While Technical Logs are enabled, new logs will be automatically generated in Local Files until disabled.

You can choose between two different approaches to generate and send app Logs:

   1. Generate the app logs only and manually send those logs.

   2. Generate video and the app logs and automatically send everything.

Steps Summary

1. Generate and manually send app logs only:

    A. Enable app logs.

    B. Reproduce your issue while generating app logs.

    C. Stop generating logs.

    D. Prepare the logs in a ZIP file.

    E. Manually send the logs.

 2. Generate and automatically send video and app logs:

    A. Enable app logs.

    B. Start recording and reproduce your issue while generating video and app logs.

    C. Automatically send video and app logs.

To contact your Support Team and send your logs, please continue with one of the following posts:

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