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[SharePlus iOS] [4.0.x] How to send app Logs to Infragistics Support.

Once you generated a ZIP file containing app logs about your issue, Infragistics Support needs that information in order to help you.

Note: To learn how to generate app Logs, please see [SharePlus iOS] [4.0.x] How to enable and generate app Logs.

How to send the app Logs depends on the license model (Free, Subscription, Enterprise).

A. Enterprise users

Companies with SharePlus Enterprise have priority support for their issues. Please contact your IT Helpdesk or Manager for help. They can login to the corporate Infragistics account and create a new support request.

Note: They will need your app Logs so they can send them to Infragistics Support.

B. Free and Subscription users

1. Go to Settings > Feedback & Support

Opening Help Center and Feedback & Support

2. Choose Like/Don't Like and then Attach File to select the .zip from Local Files.

Attaching and Sending the logs

3. Tap Send. You will receive a ticket number to track your request.