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[SharePlus iOS] [4.0.x] How to enable and generate app Logs.

When you need to troubleshoot a SharePlus issue, Infragistics Support needs technical information in order to help you. SharePlus can be easily configured to keep track of all the app requests and server responses. All that information is stored as .log files in Local Files.

Enabling app Logs

1. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings and turn ON Technical Log.

2. Save the new settings.

While Technical Logs are enabled, new logs will be automatically generated in Local Files until disabled.

Generating app Logs to Infragistics Support

1. Reproduce the issue you want to troubleshoot.

2. Disable Technical Logs to avoid unnecessary spending of your device’s storage capacity.

3. Go to Documents > Local files.

4. Tap Edit and select the folder Logs.

5. Open the Actions menu and select Compress to generate the .zip file.

To contact Infragistics Support and send your logs, please continue with [SharePlus iOS][4.0.x] How to send app Logs to Infragistics Support.