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[SharePlus iOS] [4.2.x] How to generate and manually send app Logs.

Once the Log Recorder is enabled you need to generate and later send the technical information to your Support Team.

To learn how to enable app Logs, please see [SharePlus iOS] [4.2.x] How to enable app Logs.

Generating app Logs for the Support Team

Once the Log Recorder is enabled, you just need to:

1. Reproduce the issue you want to troubleshoot.

2. Disable Technical Logs to avoid unnecessary spending of your device’s storage capacity.

3. Go to Documents > Local files.

Sending Logs

4. Tap Edit and select the folder Logs.

Preparing Logs

5. Open the Actions menu and select Compress to generate the .zip file.

Generating a ZIP file

Sending app Logs to the Support Team

Once you generated a ZIP file containing app logs about your issue, Infragistics Support needs that information in order to help you.

How to send the app Logs depends on the license model (Free, Subscription, Enterprise).

A. Enterprise users

Companies with SharePlus Enterprise have priority support for their issues. Please contact your IT Helpdesk or Manager for help. They can login to the corporate Infragistics account and create a new support request.

Note: They will need your app Logs so they can send them to Infragistics Support.

B. Free and Subscription users

1. Go to Settings > Feedback & Support

Opening Help Center and Feedback & Support

2. Choose Like/Don't Like and then Attach File to select the .zip from Local Files.

Attaching and Sending the logs

3. Tap Send. You will receive a ticket number to track your request.

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    Hey Juan Pablo,

    Tnx for your response. When checking the SharePlus app on my iPad I noticed an extra option to choose from: Web Login. That did the trick on my iPad. Since I am part of the support team at my company for sharepoint I also would very much like to be able to login with my Android Phone. When I want to change the verification method on my Android Phone This option is not available. Is there a way to enable it?

    Thanks in advance.



  • 25

    Good Day,

    I am not able to enable logging, due to not being able to logon to the SharePLus for MobileIron app. I am getting error (Authorization erro: this account is not authorized to access the app. Please contact your IT helpdesk) when trying to logon.

    Wondering if the configuration are correct?