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In-App Secure PDF Annotation


I'm using an annual subscription level SharePlus v4.1.1027 to annotate a PDF. I would like to use the 'free drawing' tool to sign documents with my signature. Is there a way to make this signature annotation secure and thereafter uneditable?

My problem is that at this stage after I sign (annotate) the document and save it to my SharePoint site I am still able to manipulate/copy/delete the signature from a desktop PDF reader (Foxit PDF Reader) and SharePlus if I reopen the PDF. Hypothetically this means my signature could be copied and used elsewhere.

Perhaps a solution involves something to do with the PDF security/privacy settings, but is there any advice on a SharePlus end?


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    Hello Tim,

    Thank you for your support request!

    SharePlus doesn't have a way of flattening the PDF.

    You can try opening the PDF in a 3rd party app like PDF Expert, Adobe Reader or any other PDF tool. Then, once flattened, you can save it back to SharePlus.

    I hope this helps.

    Take care,

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