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Digital Signatures

Are you aware of any aftermarket products or components within SharePlus that would let me digitally sign a document. I am using SharePlus to interact with my SharePoint online sites and often times need to digitally sign a document. Please advise.

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    Hello Stephen,

    You can use the "Open In" function in SharePlus in order to open the file you want to digitally sign.
    This will open the file in any app you have installed in your device, after you sign the document, you should be able to "open in" the document from the signing app, back to SharePlus.

    I can recommend you to check this article about apps that allow users to digitally sign their documents:

    Please let us know if you have further questions.

    Gonzalo T 
    Associate Support Specialist 
    Enterprise Mobility 
    Infragistics, Inc.