Problem with SwfComboBox


We are running QTP 10 with Netadvantage  version 2013.1. Test advantage version matches the netadvantage version.

Following is the problem.

We have a combo box(SwfComboBox) in one of our screens. Items in this combo box are populated using datasource. When user changes selection in this combo box based on some validation rules, a messagebox appears with OK and Cancel buttons.

When making a selection from combobox through QTP, the message box is displayed and QTP is blocked. It doesnt execute further statements.

Following is the code used to select item.

1. SwfWindow(windowTitle).SwfComboBox(comboName).Select ItemToSelect

2. SwfWindow(windowTitle).SwfComboBox(comboName).SetNAProperty("SelectedIndex", indexOfItem)

Making selection using #1 or #2 above result in the same behavior.

Is there any way to make this call non-blocking?

In one of my previous questions(http://www.infragistics.com/community/forums/t/56984.aspx), there is a mention about new feature being added to Test advantage for performing actions asynchronously. Can you let me know status of this? If it is already included in the product, examples on the usage of this functionality would be helpful and much appreciated.



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