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TestAdvantage for HP or IBM in the future?


I'm new to TestAdvantage and at the moment evaluating it for HP Quick Test Professional. Now I have a general question about TestAdvantage.

How is the future development of TestAdvantage intended, will it be available for both HP QTP and IBM RFT or will there be an adjustment to one of them? If it is planned to support only RFT in the future, when will the adjustment be?

Thanks for your help in advance.




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    IBM Support is a new product from Infragistics and when it is fully caught up will ship in parallel with the HP QTP (~30 Days post an NetAdvantage release).  We have no plans to discontinue either product in the foreseeable future.  It is our goal to provide you with the plug-ins you need to test our NetAdvantage product on the testing platform of your choice.

     Kind Regards,

    Andrew M. Flick
    Product Manager, Infragistics