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How do you use GetNAProperty for attribute DisplayLayout.Override.AllowUpdate ?
When I do "dataGrid1table().getNAProperty("DisplayLayout.Override.AllowUpdate")", I get "{Name=Default, Value=0}". I'm assuming that "Value=0", is "DefaultableBoolean.False" not that I can be sure. But, when I do "dataGrid1table().getNAProperty("DisplayLayout.Override.AllowUpdate.Value")", I then get "exception_message = Getting property value for Value throws the following exception: Invalid Property name: Property Value not found" The documentation for GetNAProperty is lacking... probably because it depends upon what Development did. Basically, I need to know how I can check this value "DisplayLayout.Override.AllowUpdate" for this and other objects to check if an object is ReadOnly or not, as well as other functionality.
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    Offline posted

    AllowUpdate is a property of DefaultableBoolean Enum type so it does not have a Value Property. so basically we retunr the name and value of the Enumtype as a hashtable. you can get the hashtable item with Value key to get the value of the enum.

    0 = Default (wich depend on other level setting but it resolve to True if its not set on any parent level)

    1 = True

    2 = False

    this is applied to any property of a DefaultableBoolean type.

    I hope this is helpful