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Unable to run RFT Testscripts on Eclipse 3.6.2 based applications


I am unable to run RFT testscripts on my application which is built on Eclipse v3.6.2. I installed latest RFT 8.2.02 even though I am unable to run my RFT Testscripts. Problem is it is not identifying the eclipse testobjects. It is considering as window objects.

My question RFT 8.2..0.2 will support Eclipse 3.6.2 domain applications? Please let me know how to solve this issue?

Thanks in Advance,


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    Hi Anil,

    This forum is specific to the TestAdvantage Add-in to RFT which is for Windows Forms application that uses Infragistics Win forms controls.

    I think you should pose your question in IBM forums which focus on genral RFT issues.