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RFT failed to recognize infragistics objects if Test advantage is enabled

I got a tricky and urgent problem in my test environment. RFT failed to recognize infragisic objects if Test advantage is enabled. But if test advantage is disabled, the test objects could be recognized by RFT. I tried to reinstall both RFT and Test advantage, and restart machine, but it did not help.

It worked well before, but yesterday, after I uninstalled test advantage to try something, and then reinstalled test advantage, RFT+Test advantage does not work properly anymore. I am afraid that there is something wrong with my environment that cause test advantage failed to config with RFT correctly. If you have any ideas about how to config Test advantage to work with RFT, pls let me know.  Thanks very much in advance!

RFT Version: 8.2.0

Test advantage: 2009.1 and 2010.1