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TestAdvantage for IBM new CTP available (November)

We have a new CTP builds for our TestAdvantage proxies. The new build include a number new proxies as well as new access methods for existing proxies, here is a list of what's new:

New Proxies:

  • UltraTab
  • UltraTabStrip
  • WinDockManager
  • WinTabbedMDI
  • WinFormattedLinkLabel
  • WinFormattedTextEditor

Additional features to existing proxies:

  • ExplorerBar
    1. Support for Navigation and fly out panel (Outlook style)
    2. New access actions:
    • Public HashtableEx GetGroups()  return a list of visible groups text
    • Public HashtableEx GetItems(Subitem group)  return a list of visible items text in the specified group.
    • public HashtableEx GetItemSettings(Subitem Group, Subitem Item)  Get a list of the specified item properties (like Editor Control, Enabled, Style,...etc)
  • ListBar: Added Access method similar to those for the ExplorerBar
  • WinGrid:
    1. Added support for Column Chooser functionality
    2. Added the following access methods:
      • public HashtableEx GetRow(Subitem Row);  Return a list of the specified row's cells text
      • public HashtableEx GetColumn(Subitem Cell);  Get the data of the specified column as a list of strings
      • public int GetColumnCount(int BandIndex);  Return the number of visible columns in the specified band
      • public int GetRowCount(Subitem ParentRow); Returns the number of filtered in child rows for the specified parent row. To get  the number of rows in the root band pass in "Nothing" (or null) as the parent row
      • public Infragistics.RFT.Shared.Values.Array2DValue GetData(Subitem ParentRow);  Return a 2 dimentional array of strings that represent the filtered in rows. for rows in the root band pass in "Noting"or "null" as the ParentRow
      • public HashtableEx GetColumnHeaders(int BandIndex); Return the column header captions for the visible columns in the specified band
      • public HashtableEx GetActiveRow();  Return the active row cells text values.
      • public Infragistics.RFT.Shared.Values.Array2DValue GetSelectedRows(Subitem ParentRow);  Get a list of selected rows under the specified parent row. For selected rows in the root band pass in Nothing as the Parent row
      • public HashtableEx GetCell(Subitem Cell);  Get a list of the specified cell's properties and their values.

To get the new builds please contact