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Testadvantage with Rational Functional tester(.Net Scripting 2003)


I am using Rational Functional tester with .Net Scripting 2003.

After following the process of installation of proxies on my machine, I got build errors in the project. Though the ‘record’ operation through Rational Functional Tester on Infragistics control is giving right script code and not co-ordinate based code but it seems that the ‘Rational.Test.Ft’ is no more recognized by RFT and thus the build errors. When I test the proxies with Rational Functional Tester Java Scripting I do not get build errors and proxies seems to work fine. My machine configuration is as follows:
  1. OS: Windows XP SP 2
  2. Rational Functional Tester 7.0 (with updates)
  3. rtxftnet.dll v7.0.0.61236
  4. Scripting is done in .Net Scripting 2003



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    Offline posted

    Hi Divya,

    You must be trying to test a CLR2 application using Visual Studio 2003. This scenario was fixed recently so you need to Contact Infragistics to get the latest build that works in this configuration. Once you have the build you need to follow the following steps to configure your Rational environment:  


    To enable Visual studio 20003 to test your CLR2 application follow these steps:


    1. Close any instance of VS or java scripting IDE
    2. Go to Rational customization folder (by default this folder is located in “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IBM\RFT\customization”)
    3. Cut and paste all *.dll files that starts with “Infragistics.” from customization folder to the Bin folder of Rational (by default this folder is located in “C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP70\FunctionalTester\bin”) Then remove the copied files from the customization folder
    4. Cut and past the file “Infragistics.rftcust” from customization to Bin folder
    5. In Rational Bin folder edit the “NetAssembliesForCompiler.txt” file and add a line to its end with the name of the .net test object assemblies. For example if you are using version 7.2 this will be “Infragistics.RFT.NetTestObjects.v7.2.dll” (add it on a separate line)
    6. Restart your machine and now you will be able to test your CLR2 applications using VS 2003  


    You can also use the Java scripting which should work using the builds that you have and without doing any special configuration. Regards,Ammar