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Unable to click the "WindowDockingArea" Tabs.

Hi ,

Currrently I am working on RFT 8.2 ,with infragistics test advantage addin 8.2 (licensed) for windows forms. I am trying to click on the "WindowDockingArea" Tabs using  RFT script. While recording the object I am getting script as follows.



But while running the script, it is unable to find the object to click and finally it is throwing the exception as below.

"Exception occurred during playback of script [SSGA_ART_Tests.sample] [CRFCN0019E: RationalTestScriptException on line 44 of script SSGA_ART_Tests.sample - com.rational.test.ft.sys.InvokeTimeoutException: CRFCN0110E: InvokeTimeoutException raised for method [click] on object id [2,858].]."

Here I attached the screen shot of the application. The attached window is coming as a seperate window by clicking an icon in our application. I am able to do all other operation in that window (in the screen I can set the date and click on "Reload" button) except clicking the available tabs. 

Please give me your suggestions. Thanks in advance.