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Unable to get Header values of UltraGridTestObject Table

I am trying to get the headers of the table (In the picture Highlighted with red colour) using following ways. But here the number of rows are coming as "zero". Every time I am getting error as "IndexArrayOutofBoundException" because of the Rows is "zero".

Below "grdRebalanceSetuptable" is the Table name of the object.


I tried another way:


But it is not giving the correct Header names. It is giving some other values.

Another way:

I tried by getting the childrens of the table. Also tried by getting all the propeties of the table. But I am unable to get the Header values of the table.


From the propeties I checked one by one as below to get the header values.

grdRebalanceSetuptable().getProperty("current row"));

Please give me your suggestions to get the Headers of the attached image table. The attached image window is a popup window which is coming after clicking an icon in the application.