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Re: How to select more sub menu items from the parent menubars

I got a bit confused becasue XamDataGrid is a WPF control and this forum category if for our TA IBM for Win forms!

I guess you are using out TA for HP (WPF) and you are right ClickSubItem is the way to go about this. there are a number of option to click inside the subitme in case you have more than one button you can use the help or the step generator in QTP to find out about those options.


Let me know if you have any other question but please post your question under the right product so other users can benefit

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    While searching, I've seen your forum and got into it. I'm having an issue with RFT and Infragistics controls. I've RFT 8.3 and our developers are using Infragistics NetAdvantage 2010.3 to develop our application. So I've installed TestAdvange 2010.3 version and still could not able to identify objects thro RFT - Test Objects. This is my first experience working with Infragistics controls. I'm using Java to develop script in RFT. By using RFT, how I can identify and automate objects(Components) in application(Infragistics control). Is there anything I need to do like setting or configuration etc., How it is differ from other application. How to handle it. Please reply me ASAP. Because I've already submitted lot of questions but no hope.

    Thanks in advance