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RFT(VB.Net 2005),Trial version TestAdvantage


I have migrated from RFT (VB.Net 2003) to VB.Net 2005 just because trial version of proxies does not support scenario of testing CLR 2.0 application from RFT(VB.Net 2003)

I installed the proxies after migation and got recording with co-ordinate specification only,though the object gets recognized with text now but after recording I still get co-ordinate information.

For Infragistics UltraTree view and List view ,RFT with proxies gave me below recording: 

       ' Window: AuthoringTool.exe:



        ' Window: AuthoringTool.exe: Cincom Eloquence Author - Start Page

        ' Window: AuthoringTool.exe: SR165200863313


 And for Infragistics UltaGrid,recording is: 

        ' Window: AuthoringTool.exe: Labels administration





In ‘NameWin()’ object I am getting the required text name but if I put a verification point on the grouping(Grid as a whole) I do not get any text at all.

Infragistics dlls v7.3 has been used to develop the application.


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    Hi Divya

    You answered your own question in the last sentence of your post. You used NetAdvantage 7.3 for development. This means you need TestAdvantage version 7.3 to test that application. I think you either have TestAdvantage 7.1 or 7.2 and that is why actions on the controls are recorded as co-ordinate and verification points does not work.


    We don’t yet have a public beta for 7.3 so you could contact our sales department ( ) to get a private copy for the 7.3 release of TestAdvantage. To Use 7.3 version  just replace all the files that starts with “Infragistics” that are located in the Rational customization folder (be default located at “C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IBM\RFT\customization”) with the files you receive. Then restart your machine to make sure the new configuration is loaded properly by Rational.

    I hope that will help.