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RFT 8.6 is not able to detect objects


I have came across an issue that RFT is unable to detect any object other than window,titilebar. Application is built on smallTalk technology

can Infragistics TestAdvantage help me?

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    Hello ,


    Infragistics TestAdavantage was developed as an add-in for TestAtomation for RFT of IBM and QTP/UFT for HP. It is necessary for the test engine to be able to recognize Infragistics Components and to record and replay test against them. So if your application doesn’t use Infragistics components there is no benefit to use Infragistics TestAdavantage. Based on your post it seems that you do not use Infragistics Components in your application, so getting of Infragistics TestAdavantage won’t help you.


    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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    Hello, ­­­­­

    I am just checking about the progress of this issue. Let me know If you need my further assistance on this  issue?

    Thank you for using Infragistics Components.