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Unable to expand WPF tree using UFT 12.02


1) Type of AUT (application under test):
  2) Technology:
      .Net, WPF
  3) UFT version
     UFT 12.02
  4) UFT Add-Ins used
   .NET, Web,WPF,12.1 Test advantage CLR4
  5) Problem:

  QTP is unable of identifying objects;Am currently tring to automate a wpf tree object.

I need to click on the child item of WPF tree node, for that first i need to expand the parent tree but am not able to perform it.

Tried with following codes and we are not able to select either parent or child node

WpfWindow("XX").WpfTreeView("XXX"). Select "XXXX"
WpfWindow("XX").WpfTreeView("XXX").Expand ("XXXX")

Could you please help on this