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How to retrieve the row color from WbfGrid


I am automating .NET web application using UFT14.03 and TA15.02. Tried with retrieving the row color of WbfGrid with below code but did not get expected row color (blue).


msgbox Browser("ServiceNow").Page("Provider Availability").WbfGrid("G_ctl00xContentPlaceHolder1xug").Object.rows(3).cells(1).currentStyle.backgroundColor

msgbox Browser("ServiceNow").Page("Provider Availability").WbfGrid("G_ctl00xContentPlaceHolder1xug").Object.rows.item(2).scurrentStyle.backgroundColor

Developer source code:

row.Style.BackColor = System.Drawing.Color.Blue;

Please let me know how to retrieve the row color from WbfGrid?



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    Offline posted in reply to Awati Guru

    Hello Awati, 

    After looking at MicroFocus' website, a WbfGrid object is a .NET Web Forms DataGrid object. This means you are not testing using a Windows Forms control because none of our windows forms or wpf controls derive from a DataGrid. Test Advantage for Windows Forms won't help here and is only compatible with Windows Forms applications, not web apps.

    I recommend contacting MicroFocus's support for help:


    If you do plan on testing a Windows Forms application with our controls; we have one grid control in our Windows Forms tools suite called UltraGrid. 

    eg. A line in a script for an UltraGrid would look something like this:


    I strongly encourage you to visit our Test Automation landing page for more details about our products:

    Test Advantage (Test Automation for UFT) has two offerings and is compatible with desktop applications only. (eg. Infragistics Windows Forms and WPF).

    Let me know if you have any questions.