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Compatibility for Micro Focus UFT One 15.0 and TestAutomation_WinForms_MicroFocus_20192


I have MicroFocus UFT One vers 15.0 and my application uses .NET Framework V4.0. Application also uses infragistic controls and for the same i have downloaded TestAutomation_WinForms_MicroFocus_20192.

But it does not perform grid cell selection operation or right click operation. It also does not perform any menubar operation.

Could you please help me with their compatibility or in case i am missing anything?

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    Hello Lalit,

    Thank you for posting in Infragistics forum.

    Test Automation v19.2 does not support .NET Framework 4.0.
    As for compatibility with UFT, Test Automation v19.2 is not fully tested against MicroFocus UFT One 15.0 because it was released before that.
    We will look into any specific issues as soon as they are found.
    Do you see the same problem in .NET Framework 4.5 environment or above?

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