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How to determine if an UltraGrid cell has "Allow Edit" or "No Edit" status

I'm using QTP 9.2 with TestAdvantage 2006 v2 CLR 1.x and I would like to know how I can determine if a cell in an UltraGrid has a status of "Allow Edit" or "No Edit". Certain cells in the grid of our application should have a status of "Allow Edit" all of the time, while other cells should have a status of "No Edit" only in certain instances, so I'm trying to check those in my test scripts.

I've spied on the grid with the .Net Object Spy and found the following: Display Layout > Bands > 0 > Columns > (Column Name) > Row Layout Column Info > Column > Cell Activation > AllowEdit, which I assume is the property I'm needing, but I'm not sure of the syntax for my test scripts to return that property. Here is an example of my scripts, but I'm obviously doing something wrong as when I message box the second line, I get an empty message:

SwfWindow("Company Name").SwfWindow("Purchase Order for Branch").SwfTable("ultraGrid1").ActivateCell "0","QuantityReceived"

SwfWindow("Company Name").SwfWindow("Purchase Order for Branch").SwfTable("ultraGrid1").GetROProperty ("CellActivation", "AllowEdit")

I've only been using TestAdvantage with QTP for about a year, so any help will be appreciated. Thank you!