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QTP won't recognize SwfTab("UltraTabControl")

I'm using QTP 9.2 on a Windows .Net application and it won't recognize a SwfTab("UltraTabControl") when I record clicking on it. There are three tabs in our application and I've tried clicking on each tab, even to the extent that the text on each tab is activated, but all I can get QTP to record is the following:

SwfWindow("Company").SwfWindow("Purchase Order").Activate

When I use the .Net Windows Form Spy to spy on the tabs, it indicates that the tabs are "SwfTab: TabControl". I've tried replacing the "Activate" with "SwfTab("TabControl").Select"Items", but I get a Run Error from QTP that indicates the "TabControl" object was not found in the Object Repository. I then tried the "Update from Application" option in the Object Repository, but I get the error that the object that was selected in the application is not of the same class as the object selected in the object repository (object classes do not match).

I'm using TestAdvantage for Windows Forms 2006 Volume 2 (CLR 1.x), so any help someone can give me will be appreciated.

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