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How can I retrieve text from the status bar of Infragistics window?


I am using:QTP 9.5 with: TestAdvantage for Windows Forms (HP) Version 2007 Vol. 3 CLR2.0 Application under testing has: NetAdavntage 2007 Vol. 3 CLR 2.0 in win vista plateform.

 In a praticular secnario I need to run a query which display the results in a window from where I need to retrieve the text from the status bar of a window pane.

For that purpose I have used a TextArea output value check point which retrieve the text from the status bar and I cam use that for other purpose. It works fine in windows xp. But while I run the script in vista for first few queries it works fine but for some queries it retrieve incorrect value which includes some character that is not appeard in the status bar at all. Can any body give me an alternate way to rerieve the text from the status bar. Because I believe the text area output check point or text output check point is not reliable in this case and some tiems return some incorrect value.

 This is an urgent issue, can anybody from infragistics please help me.

Amar please help me out again since I am in trouble.


Thanks ,