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Swftoolbar getting error message

QTP 9.1

Net/TestAdvantage 2007vol2.clr2.

when writing below code its showing error message.

SwfWindow("Personify: NASE").SwfToolbar("_MDIMain_Toolbars_Dock_Area_To").GetItemsCount

Error message: Invalid Procedure call or argument.

Please suggest me whats wrong with this statement and suggest me correct statement.



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    Offline posted

     Hi Bipender,

        GetItemsCount requires an argument. That Argument is a representation of the Toolbar, either the index for it or the key. And it returns the number of items on the Toolbar. As with any action that returns a value, you must have parenthesis around the argument(s), so an example in your case may be:

    set dockArea =  SwfWindow("Personify: NASE")SwfToolbar( "_MDIMain_Toolbars_Dock_Area_To")

    MSGBOX dockArea.GetItemsCount("RootMenu")

    - or -

    count = dockArea.GetItemsCount(0)

    I guess it depends on what you are trying to get the count on. 

     I hope this answers your question to your satisfaction,

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