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QuickTest: Can't identify TreeViews


i got a prolem. I am using QuickTest 10 an try to identify a TreeView (out of three) in my Window.

The "swfhandle" changes with every new window.

Current "swfhandle" -> "ObjectExplorerHostPage.ObjectExplorerHostPage_25ec0e8f-ff58-4108-9978-b99b69dd6816.Tree.ExtendedTree"

I tried to delete the number an using (.*) instead in combination with regular expression. That works in some windows without other TreeViews. But he can't locate it anymore with more than one TreeView in the Window.

The Windows-Handle "hwnd" changes too..

So what can i do now? There is no "Parent"-TreeView. I just have three TreeViews and want to make the identification of them unique.

I hope someone can help me :]