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TestAdvantage 2010 has issues in handling Dialog boxes on desktop applications

We are facing issues when Dialog box pop up on a desktop application.

Its when the QTP inputs data in an edit box that triggers a dialog box popup with some of the following methods.

SetCellData and Type

With the Dialog box on desktop application, execution of vbscript doesnt continue and hangs at the input line.

This si hampering a large number of our testcases from executing.

However, there were no such issues with TA 2005 and 2006 which we were using earlier.

Can some please throw some light on this issue.









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         This has been a generally known issue between QTP and TestAdvantage. For scenarios that as you described open a dialog box, during a triggered event in the AUT. The reason why this tends to be an issue is on record when the event is triggered, and the dialog box is shown, processing on the AUT effectively stops in the middle of resolving the event in the AUT, to handle the dialog box, then when the dialog box closes, the event is triggered on the TestAdvantage proxy, which can record the actions out of sequence.

       On the replay side, similar scenario, the .NET code that replays the action, is halted when the dialog box shows up, but that keeps the action from fully resolving when the dialog box shows up, until the dialog box closes. Which the next action is usually to close the dialog box.

       We have found several ways around both problems, but we would need to know what version of TestAdvantage you are using, what control, and what action. I believe from your post, that some version after 2006, with the WinGrid proxy, SetCellData, but if you can confirm that and give us the exact version I will see how best we can resolve the behavior.