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Status bar doesnt return the latest value


I am facing a weird problem with Infragistics Ultrastatusbar. I am using QTP version 10 and Net advantage version 2010.2 and corresponding test advantage.

I have a windows forms application with Ultrastatusbar. This has 7 panels and first of the panels(at index 0) contains status information.  When Idle this status reads Ready. I can do many operations using this application and these operations could be invoked by clicking corresponding menu items.  when  I select any operation from the menus, the text in the first panel(0th index) is changed from "Ready" to corresponding operation name. I can see this text updated in the UI, but when I try to get this text in QTP, I always get the text "Ready" rather than the text updated.

Following are the ways I tried to get the text



I tried using .NET Windows forms spy and captured the object when the status bar text is updated. Interestingly, the property grid shows the text for the corresponding Panel as "Ready" even though the text is not ready as it is seen in the UI.

Please help me out in resolving this issue and get  the latest value from Status bar.