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How to use methods GetItem, GetItemsCount, GetContent, GetItemProperty for swfToolbar


TestAdvantage ver 2010.3,

Following code is not working

'Get the list of items in the toolbar
    tlbContent = SwfWindow("Microsoft TaskVision 1.1").SwfToolBar("tbrTop").GetContent

'no. of Items in toolbar

cItems = SwfWindow("Form1").SwfToolBar("Formatting").GetItemsCount

Also not able to find out one of the toolbar button ENABLED or DISABLED property value with GetItemProperty.

As Button click Record-Playback code gives this for Toolbar

PerformToolAction tbmgrToolbar, tbmgrClick,tblbarname , btnName

There should be equivalent code for operations - GetItem(), GetItemsCount, GetContent, GetItemProperty

Pl advice on this.




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