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Application rashes when I object spy inside a WPF grid


I am using UFT 11.50/UFT 12.53.Whenever i use object spy to identify objects inside a grid or inside a list my application crashes and closes.

Application is built in infragistics.i am not using any infragistics addin for UFT,so is this a reason for my crash.

Also can you please tell me where can i find that in which version of infragistics my application is built in.



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    Hello Vish,

    You can use the HP UFT project to test your application which is built with Infragistics controls after installing the Infragistics WPF Test Automation product. The Installing and Configuring WPF Test Automation for HP topic gives additional details about the supported versions of the HP UFT product and the needed patches (no additional patches are needed for HP UFT 12 and later).

    You should also make sure the installed version of the WPF Test Automation product is the same as the version of the Infragistics controls used in the application. The version could be checked by opening the solution of the application in Visual Studio and checking the Properties window for the Infragistics assemblies or right clicking and looking in the Properties window on the assemblies distributed with the application.

    Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

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