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How to identify objects using Infragistics test advantage for WPF windows desktop application?


We have developed WPF windows based desktop application using Infragistics .net advantage.

Now we want to automate the same application using HP Quick test professional using addin Infragistics test advantage

Please suggest how to identify the objects in the application

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    Hello Tushar,

    In order to identify objects in your WPF application using Infragistics Test Advantage, I would recommend seeing the following online documentation articles that go over this and outline the current supported controls and components that are available for identification:

    Working with WPF Test Advantage / Automation:

    Supported Controls and Components:

    It is also important to note that to use our Test Advantage product correctly with your WPF application, you will need to install the same version of Infragistics Test Advantage as the version of Infragistics WPF controls that your WPF application was built against. For example, if you built against NetAdvantage 2014.2, you would need to use Test Advantage 2014.2.

    You also may want to ensure that you have all of the required patches and that the environment that you are testing against is supported for your particular scenario in this case. You can check our supported environments page in order to check this:

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns on this matter.

    Associate Developer