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TestAdvantage for WPF for QuickTest Professional

   We are in the process of reviewing the QuickTest Professional extensibility kit for WPF to see if we can implement custom proxies for our NetAdvantage for WPF controls. We are still in the early stages and are working with HP to resolve some of the hurdles that we came across. But we would like to hear from those that are utilizing the NetAdavantage for WPF controls and looking to test them to see what controls they are using, what specific features of those controls they are most interested in, and if there are any special means of implementation they are using for those controls so that we can better meet your use case scenarios out of the box.

   I am opening this thread to any suggestions or requests, and if you have any samples of your implementation that we can test against it would greatly aid us in meeting your requests. Due to the limitations of the forums though samples should be code files only, zip compressed, requiring just inbox and Infragistics DLLs.

    If all goes well we are looking at a CTP release for versions of 9.2 forward for Q2 of 2011, albeit no dates are in stone yet. All future announcements will posted on these forums.