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DataChartView not appearing

Hello, I am trying to add a DataChartView into my Xamarin.Android project. I've already added "Infragistics.AndroidBindings" to my references.

The following is my cs code.


LinearLayout view = FindViewById(Resource.Id.chart_panel);

DataChartView chart = new DataChartView(this);

NumericYAxis yAxis = new NumericYAxis();
yAxis.Label = "y";
yAxis.LabelTextSize = 10.0f;

CategoryXAxis xAxis = new CategoryXAxis();
xAxis.Label = "x";
xAxis.LabelTextSize = 10.0f;


LineSeries series = new LineSeries();
series.ValueMemberPath = "";
series.Title = "Test Data Chart";
series.XAxis = xAxis;
series.YAxis = yAxis;
series.Thickness = 4;
series.MarkerType = MarkerType.None;




If I try adding another control such as a LinearGaugeView, I am able to see the control but when adding a DataChartView, nothing displays.

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    Hello Martin,

    Would you check if you set the correct ValueMembePath which points to the field you want to show on the chart? In the following help documentation, "Coal" field is used as the ValueMemberPath.

    Line Series

    For the requirement of LineSeries, you can refer to the following page.

    Series Requirements

    Best regards,
    Developer Support Engineer
    Infragistics Inc.

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