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how to save grid settings


i want to know if you can save grid settings (hidden columns - columns order)

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    Hi ueldeep,

    The Android IGGridView currently does not support the saving of settings.  That doesn't mean that you can't save information about the grid yourself so that you can reconstruct it according to that saved data.  The columns order is just the order of the column definitions inside the ListAdapter so I don't see why you can't save that order yourself and then reapply it later by adding the columns back in that saved order.

    As for column hiding, I don't think the columns have the ability to be hidden anyway so I'm not sure how you would do this.  There is no visibility setting on the column definitions.  Unless you are talking about just not having them inside the ListAdapter.  If that is the case, again, I don't see why you couldn't manually save custom information about which column definitions are inside the ListAdapter and in what order.  The ListAdapter is freely accessible and it exposes a getColumnCount() method that tells you how many columns it has.  It also exposes a getColumnAt() method which allows you to grab any column in the adapter.  With these two you can iterate through the ListAdapter columns and save out any information about these columns that you wish.