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ScriptManager stops my controls responding

I have an application with a number of controls (such as WebImageButton, UltraWebTree and UltraWebTab) working in WARP panels.

I want to use controls such as the WebDialog control that require a ScriptManager. However, if I add a ScriptManager none of the existing controls respond to client side events.

 Is there anything I can do to get them to work together?

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    ScriptManager is required only by our newer generation controls (WebDialogWindow), however our current controls like UltraWebTree, Tab, WARP, etc should work without any issue. They are tested to work with ScriptManager / UpdatePanel.

    So this is either a bug in the controls or something in the way they are working on the page interferes, but it is really very hard to tell.

    One possible suggestion is to remove them one by one and see which one causes the problems (WARP, Tab or Tree). Or better yet, if you have a small subset of your project reproducing the issue, you can directly contact our Developer Support department via this link:

    With a reproduction they will be able to provide a suggestion/workaround/fix asap.