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Webgrid not populating bands from a WHDS bound to two ODS
(Using v8.2)
I have bound a webgrid to a WHDS and the band information is not populated, I would have expected two hierarchical bands.
Step to reproduce:
1) Create a typed DataSet with two DataTables having a TableAdapter each, both having a relationship in a master-detail fashion.
2) Place two Object DataSources on the page, each ODS bound to one of the TableAdapters.
3) Place a WHDS, and create a parent view pointing to the parent ODS, and a child view pointing to the child ODS. Of course, the relationship have to be analogous with the relationship of the two DataTables.
4) Place a webgrid and bind it to the WHDS.
Is this a bug or limitation?

Thanks a lot.
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