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WebHierarchicalDataGrid - Access data source - webhierarchicaldatasource and SqlDataSource


I use version 17.2.

I have a misunderstanding about the use of the webhierarchicaldatasource of the webhierarchicaldatagrid.
I use it with 2 SqlDataSource with parameters. (parent and child).

I have the property InitialDataBindDepth="-1", so i'm loading all data in one time.

I don't understand why i have N select on the detail select. I should have ONE select for the parent and ONE for the child, right ?

For example, if I have 5 affected rows after SDSFactureEnt_Selecting (parent), the SDSFactureDet_Selecting method(child) is repeating 5 times. Is that normal ?

it penalizes the performance of the web page. 

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