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Webdatagrid click event in code behind

hi , 

 i am trying to to open a webdialogwindow from a double click event from the webdatagrid cell but i need to do it from code behind instead of using the javascript :

function WebDataGrid1_Grid_DoubleClick(sender, eventArgs) {
var column = eventArgs.get_item().get_column();
if (column.get_key() == "ID_USER") {
showDilaog('<%= WebDialogWindow1.ClientID %>')

i need to set a click event from data grid column and open the webdialogwindow from code behind.

thank you.

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    I believe you will find this forum thread helpful. As Peter and David recommended

    [Infragistics] David Young said:

    What would have to do is handle the client side double click handler and then if the conditions are correct, call __doPostback() with appropriate args to call some method and do your work.

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