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Web Grid sorting Issue

Hi All,

I am using infragistic 2013 in my application when i am trying to do sorting i am unable to do it.

Grid type i am using.

<ig:WebDataGrid ID="wdGrid_PSTS" runat="server" Height="500px" Width="99%"  AutoGenerateColumns="false" EnableDataViewState ="true"  >

<ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="Id" Key="Id" Width="50px">
<Header Text="Id"></Header>

<ig:BoundDataField DataFieldName="PSTStatus" Key="PSTStatus" Width="125px">
<Header Text="PSTStatus"></Header>

<ig:Sorting SortingMode="Multi" Enabled="true">


<ig:ColumnResizing Enabled="true"></ig:ColumnResizing>
<ig:Selection CellClickAction="Row" RowSelectType="Multiple"></ig:Selection>

It functionality is not working. Kindly suggest.Its been 2 days and i am still stuck .I am experiencing Infrgistic first time.