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WebDropDown Width Issue


I have a webdropdown using multipleselectiontype=checkbox.  After checking a few items in the list, once the dropdown is collapsed, I can not see all the items listed.  It's chopped off in the collapsed view occupying only the space in the blue area.  The control width is much larger as you can see.   

I can only see the selected items in the blue area once items are selected and the dropdown is collapsed.  I'd like to use all the space out to right-hand-side of the control where the dropdown arrow/inverted triangle is.

How do I set this?

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    Thanks for reaching out!

    The default style of the input is to have a width of 100%, so it should encompass the whole of the drop down.

    The way the drop down is displayed could be because of another style rule affecting its input.
    For example, in `Empty ASP.NET Web Forms` projects, created w/ Visual Studio 2017, there is a global Site.css style sheet that affects the default behavior of the drop down, by setting max-width for all input:

    /* Set widths on the form inputs since otherwise they're 100% wide */
    textarea {
        max-width: 280px;

    When you get the chance, could you check if there isn't any other style that's affecting the drop down input (or all inputs)?

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