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WebDataTree adding nodes server side

I am manually adding nodes to a WebDataTree with code similar to that below - I'm used to the old UltraWebTree so perhaps I can't do this way but it seems logical...

Dim rootNode As DataTreeNode = tvFormContent.Nodes.Add(_form.Name)

' Get a list of categories defined for this form
For Each category As MobileFormCategory In _form.Categories

Dim categoryNode As DataTreeNode = rootNode.Nodes.Add(category.Name)

' Any questions within this category?
Dim formQuestions As List(Of MobileFormQuestion) = category.Questions
For Each question As MobileFormQuestion In category.Questions
Dim questionHeading As String = question.Heading & " " & "[" & question.DataTypeAsString & "]"
Dim questionNode As DataTreeNode = categoryNode.Nodes.Add(questionHeading)


The nodes are added to the tree and I can expand them however if I have multiple items at the same level they are displayed horizontally and not vertically as I would expect...

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    Offline posted

    Hello Chris,

    After investigating this further, I determined that the nodes are probably displayed horizontally due to missing styles. You could check the Web.config for the following line:

    <infragistics.web enableAppStyling="true" styleSetName="Default" styleSetPath="~/ig_res" />

    You could also specify the styleName and stylePath in the WebDataTree tag as follows:

    <ig:WebDataTree ID="WebDataTree1" runat="server" Height="300px" Width="200px" StyleSetName="Default" StyleSetPath="~/ig_res">

    Alternatively,  you could try adding nodes similarly to this way:

    Dim numbers = New Integer() {1, 2, 4, 8}

            For Each ctr As Integer In numbers

                Dim newFeed As New Infragistics.Web.UI.NavigationControls.DataTreeNode()

                newFeed.Text = ctr

                newFeed.Text = ctr




    If the nodes are still displayed horizontally could you please provide me a small isolated sample that replicates the issue.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Monika Kirkova,