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Webdatagrid filterrow filter Icon not working as expected

I noticed some weird behavior in the Webdatagrid (ver 15.1) in my application and was able to duplicate it and take screenshots from your "interaction" webpage at:


  1. if you point to the filter and click it does nothing.


2. you need to double click in the editing field and enter some text.  After doing that clicking on the filter still does nothing.

3. you must click in the area between the filter and the text in order to get the dropdown to actually appear.

  1. After clicking on "contains" for a filter type, the dropdown disappears but the data is not yet filtered.

  1. you must click on the filter icon again to actually filter the data.

  1. Strangely, if a filter is in effect you CAN click directly on the filter icon to get the dropdown.

  1. you can then click the "clear filter" and it immediately displays all the data.


I find this behavior to be a little strange, but I would like to know  (1) is this the intended behavior, and (2) if there are any settings that would make this more user friendly.