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Unable to upload large Files(Up to 2 GB) using WebUpload Control in IE 11

I'm using Infragistics 14.2 version dlls and I have a requirement of importing large files sizing up to 2 GB. Here, I'm using WebUpload control with browser IE 11.

Issue Scenario: 

when I'm trying to upload the file the progress bar is showing up and I can see the real-time progress being displayed properly but very soon the import process goes to halt exactly after running for 2 mins. Later I came to know about HTTP KeepAlive property which loses its connection for the long-running process( running for more than 2 mins).  I have set 2 new Registry entry keys in the registry  "KeepAliveTimeout" and "ServerInfoTimeout" but nothing comes my way.

My question is how to make this HTTP KeepAilve factor active for a certain period of time.