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Find parent webtab

<asp:Label id="lblOne" runat="server" text="start here"/>

<ig:WebTab ID="WebTab1" runat="server" Height="700px" Width="100%">
<PostBackOptions EnableLoadOnDemand="true" EnableAjax="true" />
<ClientEvents SelectedIndexChanging="WebTab1_SelectedIndexChanging" />
<ig:ContentTabItem runat="server" ScrollBars="Hidden" Key="General" Text="General" ContentUrl="management_general.aspx">                
<ig:ContentTabItem runat="server" ScrollBars="Hidden" Key="Offices" Text="Offices" ContentUrl="management_offices.aspx">                

The above webtab is on management.aspx. From tab item management_general.aspx I need to be change the text of the label lblOne. Is this possible.