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Either client/Server side unable to retrieve excel style filter column information

Hi Team,

We are using 2015.2 version Infragistics webdatagrid control and applied Excelstylefilter.

When we checked at server side in DataFiltering event, the eventArg.ColumnFilters  value getting as null

protected void WebDataGrid1_DataFiltering (object sender, FilteredEventArgs eventArg) {

foreach (ColumnFilter column in eventArg.ColumnFilters  )



and also we have checked at client side in DataFiltering function, her also we are unable to retrieve filtered column information. 

code snippet like as below:

## Client side function information has been set up at server side

this.WebDataGrid1.Behaviors.Filtering.FilteringClientEvents.DataFiltering = "DataFiltering";

## Client side function:

function DataFiltering(sender, e) {

var columnFilters = e.get_columnFilters();


Please provide possible solution.

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    Thank you for posting in our community.

    I have created and attached a small sample trying to reproduce the issue. On the server-side data filtering event, the column filters are retrieved as expected:

    protected void wdg_DataFiltering(object sender, Infragistics.Web.UI.GridControls.FilteringEventArgs e)
    	foreach (ColumnFilter item in e.ColumnFilters)

    Please test it on your side and let me know how it behaves.

    About the client-side data filtering event, I have created the following case for you: 'CAS-207078-Y3D4Z4' and will update you through it. You could see it in your account in the 'Support Activity' page.