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Adding Method to WebDropDown V19.1 causes VS project to generate 48 errors


I have a visual studio project for an app that contains a webdropdown checkbox list.

<ig:WebDropDown ID="ddlServices" runat="server" EnableClosingDropDownOnSelect="False" EnableMultipleSelection="True" TextField="ServiceName" Width="600px" Enabled="False" DropDownContainerHeight="400px" DropDownContainerWidth="600px" EnableCustomValues="False">
<DropDownItemBinding TextField="ServiceName" />

Project is fine and app has been running great for about a year.  Today, I have the need to add a method handler and when I select it and it loads the code into my source, Visual Studio all of a sudden shows me 48 errors in other lines of code that were previously OK and have nothing to do with this particular web dropdown.

I tried adding SelectionChanged and ValueChanged and the same thing happens with all these errors being generated.

I don't understand why this would occur.

And please, I know that tech support will suggest I try a simple solution with one dropdown on a new page in a new project and showing that it works OK.   But this is an application that's well established, and I need a solution to be able to use one of those methods in it.


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    Offline posted

    Hello Stewart,

    I understand your concerns regarding testing this behavior in a new project(which of course is what I did as a first step and I can verify that is working as expected).

    However, it would be helpful if you could you send me the exceptions messages which are displayed after binding methods to selectionChanged and valueChanged, in order to use them as starting point for my investigation. Additionally, can you please share the exact version of 19.1 that you are currently using?
    Once I have this information we will decide how to proceed further.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Monika Kirkova,