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Read Excel file error - The left and top of the window bounds must be between -32768 and 32767


I have an app that is processing excel files. To read the files I am using Infragistics4.WebUI.Documents.Excel.v12.2 library. Some times we are getting the error "The left and top of the window bounds must be between -32768 and 32767"

By taking a look at the excel document structure (unzip the xlsx file), I found the xWindow property of workbookView is 38280 which seems to be the offending value.

<bookViews><workbookView xWindow="38280" yWindow="-120" windowWidth="25440" windowHeight="15390" 

According to Microsoft docs, this property can be Int32 (between -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647) but it seems Infragistics4 is using Int16(-32,768 to 32,767) for it. 

Any idea how this error can be fixed? unzipping, editing the contents are not options for the client.

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    Hello Elena, could you please send me a sample that is reproducing the problem. I believe it will be no longer present with a newer version of our product as the Development team implemented some enhancements the last years.

    If it is not a problem for you, just download a trial of the latest version of our product and check whether the problem still persists? 

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